July 6

Kill the possum

On and off over the holidays, i’ve been reading “Kill the possum” by James Moloney.  This book brings together a group of young people struggling with family issues.  Dylan is a young man whose father abandoned him as a very young child.  He is interested in Kirsty, a girl at his school.  When he unexpectedly goes to visit her at home one Saturday afternoon, he finds himself in the middle of a tense situation instigated by Kirsty’s step father, who is no longer living with her family.  Dylan comes to understand that Kirsty and her family are subject to cruel verbal harrassment from this man who is a bully.  As the story unfolds, we come to see the behaviours and solutions this group of young people employ to try to find a solution to their difficulties.  James Moloney doesn’t position himself morally on any of the behaviour displayed by the characters – this allows the reader to question and deliberate on the actions of a number of characters.  This read is certainly not for those looking for a comfortable escape!  The issues dealt with are confronting.   It’s definitely suited to readers from Year 10 up.

Want to find out what James Moloney has to say about his novel?

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