July 12

The big little book of happy sadness

This picture book, written by Colin Thompson and published by Random House is bound to touch anyone who reads it.  George lives with his grandmother and longs for something to fill the lonely empty gap he feels at the absence of his parents.  Although his grandmother is kind and loving, its not the same.  One day, whilst visiting the dog shelter, George meets someone he knows will be a true friend.  Jeremy is a three legged dog.  He is doomed for the “kennel in the sky” as no one wants him.  George immediately knows that this is the dog for him.  With his Grandmother’s blessing,  Jeremy becomes the third member of their little family, and life is never lonely or quiet again.  Grandma and George experiment with making artificial legs for Jeremy, persisting until they are successful.  The illustrations in this book are delightful.  Check out the links below to learn more about this book and its author.  Check out Colin Thompson’s website.

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