October 17

100 Cupboards by A.D. Wilson

100 Cupboards
100 cupboards might be very useful in any house, depending on how much storage space you might need. However the cupboards in this novel are of a very different nature – they lead to other times and other realities. Henry York has just arrived to live with his Uncle and Aunt and three cousins. His parents have been taken hostage in Colombia, and until their release, home will be with this extended family. His new home is unfamiliar, but he can’t help but notice when one morning he awakens to find plaster scattered throughout his bedroom and in his hair. Upon investigation behind the plaster wall, Henry discovers the knobs to two doors protruding from the wall. Through one door Henry can hear falling rain. Through the other, he views a glowing room with a man strolling back and forth. Henry and his cousin come to understand the these doors lead not to other rooms, but to other worlds. This fantasy adventure is the first book in the series.

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