June 1

The billionaire’s curse

Billionaire_B-format8cI’m currently enjoying this first in the series book by Richard Newsome, who is a Brisbane author. James Moloney recommends this book on the back cover. Its the story of a Gerald, a boy like any other, who has to miss a skiing trip with his friends to attend his great aunt’s funeral. Little does he know that his great aunt was enormously wealthy and that he is the one she has left her fortune to – totally unexpected. However, his new wealth comes with new danger, and in the days after the funeral, he discovers through a letter from his deceased great aunt that her life had been threatened. Indeed she suspects that she will be murdered and that he also will become a target when he inherits her money. This first book is about Gerald’s new wealthy life, a couple of new friends and a mystery to solve. It flows along well and is easy to read.


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