July 6

VIII by H.M. Castor

This historical fiction novel is one of the best i’ve read in a good while. H.M. Castor has woven a magical tale from the time of Henry VIII, which comes alive for readers.  This is a fluent and absorbing read.  Tracing the life of Henry from his childhood, it looks at his family history, the political situation of the time and his motivations and dreams of greatness as a king.  Henry was never considered by his father to be of great importance, rather, he was the “spare”;  lesser in importance than his older brother, Arthur, heir to the throne.  However, after the death of both his father and Arthur, Henry becomes the king he has always felt it his destiny to be.  However, his reign is plagued by his inability to have a son and the ghostly presence of an elusive fair haired boy, who haunts his waking and sleeping hours for most of his life.  Be sure to view the  book trailer on H.M. Castor’s webpage.



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