January 1

The children of freedom by Marc levy

This book, which is a translation, and is based on true stories of the period from the father and uncle of the author, reminds us how lucky we are if we are living in a free and democratic society.   It outlines conditions in occupied France and the brave actions of the young people of 35th FTP-MOI Brigade of the Resistance, many of them refugees,  to frustrate German initiatives and enhance the possibilities for an allied invasion and ultimate defeat of Nazi Germany.  One is moved to read about the risks taken and sacrifices made valiantly by so many as members of the French Resistance.  It also brings home the horrors of the period for political prisoners and Jews and the senseless fear, violence and murder which marked this period in history for everyone.  This book is definitely worth the read.  I feel that the author has fulfilled the promise made by Jeannot to Samuel to ensure that future generations know about and understand the sacrifices made by so many in the fight for freedom during this dark time in history.