July 14

The prey

The Prey

The Prey

Yet another dystopian adventure….  This book follows on from “The Hunt” by Andrew Fukuda.  This novel sees main character, Gene, and a group of humans struggling to survive in the Vast, an inhospitable wasteland, whilst also trying to remain safe from the predators hunting them.  As if life isn’t difficult enough, Gene is haunted byhis memories of the girl he left behind, and is struggling to define his new relationship with the human girl he is running with. Refuge seems to come in the form of a group of very regimented humans they discover in the hills, led by a group of elders.  However, as they “settle” into their new haven, questions still abound.  Where are all the young men, and why are rules and punishments so rigid?  Can it be that their new found safety is not what it seems?  Check out the website here.

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