September 1

Code name Verity

This novel, set in World War II tells the story of two young women, Julie and Maddie, who are best friends and become involved in the Air Transport Auxiliary, one as a pilot and the other as an agent.  When flying over the English Channel and into  France, their plane crashes.  One is captured and tortured by the Germans, forced to reveal secret codes she has knowledge of.  Part 1 of the book is about Julie, and her imprisonment and torture.  Part 2 is about Maddie, and her journey back to freedom, which takes place after a devastating event in which she reunites momentarily with Julie.  This is a powerful story which reminds one of the sacrifices made by so many during the Second World War.  It is about courage, friendship and betrayal on a number of levels. The climax of the story is confronting.  Revealing the plot would be unforgiveable.  Read the book – it’s worth it!

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