February 22

The Returners



The year is 2016.  Meet Will Hodges.  Things aren’t going so well for him.  He’s dealing with the tragic loss of his mother, his bigoted, neglectful father, and a group of people who he calls the “freaks” following him around, looking at him with sorrowful faces.  School doesn’t offer him any escape, in fact he’s lucky to make it there more than a few days a week.  This might have something to do with the fact that each night, he’s plagued by graphic and violent dreams which seem to involve many different historical events.  Poor Will.  You wouldn’t want to be him!   He’s confused and lonely.  Things really become complicated when he discovers that he’s a “Returner”, someone who has lived throughout history, being present at many major events.  This, and his fathers’ involvement in a new political party espousing frightening and racially prejudiced views, see Will involved in a journey to find out who he really is.  This is a book with messages for the reader about right and wrong on a number of levels.  Be prepared to think!  This is my first Gemma Malley novel.  I will definitely be reading more.  Check out her website to see what she has written.

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