April 8

The double life of Cassiel Roadnight

When a recently homeless boy, known simply as Chap, finds himself in a home for the most lost and hopeless, he is handed an unexpecteThe-Double-Life-of-Cassiel-Rd gift.  One of the wardens in the establishment identifies him through an old photograph of a boy, seemingly identical to him, who has been missing for two years.  Instantaneously, Chap sees the wonderful prospect of gaining a home, a family and some stability in his life, so he seizes the opportunity, becoming Cassiel Roadnight.  He soon finds that leading a double life can be complicated, especially as he is a vegetarian and Cassiel’s favourite food just happens to be meatballs.  He inherits a fragile mother, a switched on sister, and an older rich brother, who is something of an enigma in the family.  It doesn’t take long for Chap to realise that being Cassiel Roadnight is far more complex than he could ever have imagined.  I really enjoyed the story that Jenny Valentine has weaved here.  In being Cassiel Roadnight, Chap learns more about himself than he could ever have imagined, and gains some friends along the way.


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