April 19

The baby and the Fly Pie

291717Fly, Jane and Sham are street kids.  They live in futuristic London, where they are the poorest of the poor.  Every day, they earn a meager living by sifting through tons of garbage on the city dumps, hoping to find the very best to take back to Mother, who will sell it on.  Mother isn’t their real mother, and in this bleak world, no one is to be trusted.  One day when Fly and Sham travel a little further afield to a new commercial dump, hoping to find valuable things to sell on, they come across something surprising.  Amongst a large number of cardboard boxes, they find a badly wounded man and beside him, a pink and cuddly baby girl.  They soon realise that this man has kidnapped the baby to hold her for ransom, in the hope of extracting a large amount of money from her well to do parents.  When the man dies, Fly, Jane and Sham see a chance for a their own emancipation from a life of crime and drudgery.  But how to go about it?  Fly and Sham are lead by the idealistic Jane in making decisions about how to extract their fortune from the baby’s parents.  But is Jane the best one to follow?    This book by Melvin Burgess is very thought provoking. He has written many controversial novels for young adults.  It’s hard not to put yourself into the shoes of these three young characters, and consider what you might do in a situation such as this.  The ending is best left for comment at this point.  Check out this book trailer for the book

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