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panicWritten by New York times best selling author, Lauren Oliver, this is a contemporary novel set in a poor American country town.  We are introduced to the ritual and potentially deadly challenge which is issued each year to the graduating class to play the game known as Panic.  Weekly, graduating seniors donate $1. to the pot, resulting in an  enormous amount of money which will be collected by the participant who successfully faces and wins all of the challenges.  Participants nominate themselves, and there is no compulsion to be involved.  Everyone knows what’s going on, and they all want to witness the challenges.  Secrecy is of the essence in this game – the local authorities have for years been trying to stamp it out, having had to deal with serious injuries and deaths of players.  The two main characters, Heather and Dodge, are playing for very different reasons: one out of sheer desperation to improve the life of herself and her little sister and escape their trailer park home and neglectful mother, the other to seek revenge for the maiming of his beloved sister.  This is a book that kept me wanting to find out what was going to happen next:  what challenge, who would succeed and what life decisions the characters would make.  There is also a very interesting psychological element to the book.  As the characters face difficulties, rivalries and disappointments in their own lives, their willingness to be involved in death defying challenges grows, as they seek to satisfy their own ambitions and desires.  $67000. is a great incentive for these young people.

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