July 7

Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve

This holidays I have enjoyed getting into this, the first book in Philip Reeve’s 5 part series. Set in the future, where towns and cities move across and above the desolate wastelands upon which they were once established, preying upon and devouring one another, salvaging anything of use, in particular, highly prized “Old tech”. Apprentice historian, Tom Natsworthy finds himself enmeshed in the adventure of his life when he is cruelly shoved from the bowels of London by Thaddeus Valentine, his hero. From here, Tom’s one aim is to return to London to find out why his one time hero has tried to kill him and what secrets link him with the mysterious Hester Shaw, the terrifying Shrike and the fate of the city of London. This is a definite page turner, almost impossible to put down. Take a look at the following link which outlines the five books in the series.

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January 10

Magic or Madness trilogy by Justine Larbalestier

Magic or madnessI became interested in Australian young adult author Justine Larbalestier and decided to read her Magic or Madness trilogy over the holidays. This Australian author set these three novels in both Sydney and New York. 15 year old Reason Cansino has lived most of her life travelling with her mother, Sarafina. They’re on the run from Esmeralda, Sarafina’s mother, who possesses magical abilities and uses them for wicked purposes. When Sarafina becomes ill, Reason is forced to live with Esmeralda, and comes to questions everything she’s ever been told about her. She meets new friends and is beginning to enjoy her new life, but when she walks through Esmeralda’s back door and finds herself in freezing New York, she realises that magic is real, that she is magic and that life is about to become very interesting! Reason, with her friends Tom and Jay-Tee, becomes caught in a desperate world where magic power can be stolen and used by others. As Reason faces dangerous challenges to keep herself and her friends and family alive, she also begins to unravel the secret to using her talents wisely and for the good of others. If you like fantasy, this series is definitely worth a read.

October 17

100 Cupboards by A.D. Wilson

100 Cupboards
100 cupboards might be very useful in any house, depending on how much storage space you might need. However the cupboards in this novel are of a very different nature – they lead to other times and other realities. Henry York has just arrived to live with his Uncle and Aunt and three cousins. His parents have been taken hostage in Colombia, and until their release, home will be with this extended family. His new home is unfamiliar, but he can’t help but notice when one morning he awakens to find plaster scattered throughout his bedroom and in his hair. Upon investigation behind the plaster wall, Henry discovers the knobs to two doors protruding from the wall. Through one door Henry can hear falling rain. Through the other, he views a glowing room with a man strolling back and forth. Henry and his cousin come to understand the these doors lead not to other rooms, but to other worlds. This fantasy adventure is the first book in the series.

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August 17

Monster Blood Tattoo.

Book One:  Foundling This first book introduces a complete fantasy world where we find that not all monsters look like monsters.  Sometimes everyday people are the worst monsters of all.  Author D.M. Cornish has created a world complete with maps, illustrations and very colourful characters.  Rossamund is a boy with a girl’s name.  He exists in a world known as the Half Continent where predatory monsters, chemical potions and surgically altered people abound.  A simple journey to his first place of employment for the emperor sees him facing danger from monsters, and people – who are worse!  To explore this unique fantasy world and find out more, take a look at the excellent trailer for this series.